Rainbow Yoga

Every 1st Friday of the month at Holistic Gateway starting April 5, 2019

Rainbow Yoga is an interactive and social yoga.  We hug, touch, dance and move together to create beautiful shapes by doing yoga together in a playful and fun circle. Come experience the movement, the connection, and flow of a community moving in body, mind and spirit TOGETHER!



Create a deeper connection with both yourself, and your yogic family.  Rainbow Yoga allows us to communally move, smile and laugh as we weave in a yogic circle together. Celebrate the true meaning of yoga - "to unite" - through the use of waves, mandalas, hugs, massage, and breath. Whereas traditional yoga is done on your own mat, working within, Rainbow Yoga is a shared, invigorating, challenging practice bringing the collective love/experience into the circle for all to benefit from.



Each Rainbow Yoga gathering incorporates play into our time together. Adults, just like children need time to have fun! Sharing laughter can foster empathy and compassion, trust, and deeper intimacy with others. Rainbow Yoga isn’t Rainbow Yoga without yogic games using body, breath and imagination.



Rainbow yoga is communal. We use our bodies to support one another by creating yogic shapes that allow one another to go deeper, be bigger, stronger and more expansive. Together, the possibilities are endless. Let’s find our limits together!