The intention and outcome of vulnerability is trust, intimacy and connection.
— Brene Brown

Rainbow Yoga

Smile and laugh while doing challenging yoga shapes! Rainbow Yoga is about connection and play! Playful adults are more energetic, creative and spontaneous and are able to handle the stressors in their lives with more ease. In our yogic circle we flow,touch, hug, massage, breathe and co-create together. Rainbow Yoga is life changing!


Carrie Your Yogi in YOUR School/ K-12 Yoga

Youth Yoga (Middle School and High School)

Yoga for pre-teens and teens is crucial for brain, body and social development. It promotes healthy habits that can help lessen stress, decrease anxiety, promote better sleep patterns as well as develop balance, flexibility, creativity and coordination skills.  Carrie has worked with teens in a variety of settings for twenty years. She sees their need for connection, appropriate touch, social interaction and play. Carrie’s Youth Yoga combines Rainbow Yoga (link here to RY) techniques with other Hatha yogic styles.

Ages 11-13 focuses on building strength, creativity and possibilities.  Be prepared to come into a supportive circle where you are heard and are able to shine your light!

Ages 14-17 deepens the focus on breath work, meditation and a challenging flow and strength series.

Yoga Youngies (Kindergarten-4th grade)

Yoga Youngies are ready to open up to the world before them.  These yoga classes are designed with the physical, mental and social skills of this age group in mind to help develop personal confidence and social savvy.  Carrie will lead this tribe on a yogic themed journey that involves discussion, cooperative games, partner and acrobatic work, breath awareness, dance, creativity, meditation and relaxation.  


Prenatal, Pregnancy & Post Natal Yoga

Carrie is a certified Birthlight Instructor. Yoga is a healthy way throughout the perinatal process to nurture and gain well-being throughout this journey. Using yoga shapes and breath, we will focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, exercise the uterus and spine and increase lung capacity. Stability and elasticity are key for a healthy body before, during and after pregnancy. Classes will be small and supportive using the cohort model extending it to partners and family circles. Carrie believes in a caring, nurturing environment that address the needs of each woman and baby.